Flight Manual for
 the Lockheed T-33

The T-33 was two-seat trainer development of the P-80
Shooting Star, the first operational US jet fighter. It was
extremely successful, over 5,000 being built and it was
operated by more than 30 air forces.

This CD contains two flight manuals covering the
Lockheed T-33. This CD has been scanned from the
original flight manuals and retains any colour pages.

Flight Manual for
 the Lockheed T-33  Flight Manual for
 the Lockheed RT-33

This CD contains:

1. Handbook of Flight Operating Instructions for the USAF
    T-33A and the Navy TO-2, AN 01-75FJC-1 dated 24 Apr
    1951, approx 53 pages.

2. USAF Flight Manual for the RT-33A, T.O. 1T-33(R)A-1
    dated 1 Apr 62, approx 241 pages. (This was a version
    of the T-33 with cameras in the nose and a large fuel
    tank where the second seat was usually fitted.)

PRICE US$19.95 plus postage

We also offer one other T-33 flight manual.Thisis the 

RCAF Aircraft Operating Instructions for the T33 Mk3, 
EO 05-50C-1, dated 10-7-62, approx 101 pages. This
was a version manufactured in Canada under licence,
using the Roll-Royce Nene jet engine. (5,100 lbs of
thrust against the 4,600 lbs of the standard J33 engine
fitted to the T-33A.) For details of the CD containing
this flight manual, go here.




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